Saturday, December 20, 2014

Carpentry Elective

My Carpentry Elective has finally finished it's projects. Awesome job team!

Iris Teaches!

Iris taught an inspiring lesson on animation. We learned about the first animation machines and made our own flip books. We even got to make our own stop animation videos. So cool!

Sophie's Day

Monday was Sophie's Day and I never took a picture with her crown on. He is another photo of her. Sophie, you're awesome!

Adventures in the light lab

U of M student Nicholas Shafer took our students to the lighting lab at the University of Michigan's Walgreen Center. We learned how light can be used and manipulated to communicate complex ideas on stage. We even got to play with the moving lights.

Taking pictures

We learned how a light meter on a camera works to take pictures of items around our school. The team had to compose, zoom, focus, and set the apature and shutter speed for their pictures. You all did a great job. Unfortunately the pictures were not digital, but everyone should have taken their's home.

Kaden Teaches

Kaden taught a wonderful lesson on how to make origami boxes. Very useful.  I've been using them to get myself organized.

Darkroom fun!

We went to EMU'S wet darkroom and learned how pictures were printed and developed. We even made pictographs of our hands.

Kaz Teaches

Kaz taught an amazing lesson on Sharks that had us building our own shark models!

Olivia ' Birthday