Saturday, March 28, 2015

Making Light bulbs!

We used everything we have been learning about incandescent light bulbs and current to fashion our own light bulb. We used mechanical pencil lead as a filliment.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Folu's Birthday

Happy Birthday Folu!

Light bulb diagrams

We diagramed 3 different types of light bulb. Incandescent, fluorescent, and LED. Some of the diagrams are still in progress.

Happy Kaden Day!

School ice skating trip

Yay ice skating!

Folu Teaches

Folu taught us all about why planets are round. We even got to make our own planet.

Valentines day conga line

We totally had an impromptu valentine's day conga line with our new sunglasses.

Science Exposition

We had a wonderful time with our science exposition projects. The students had to ask a light or electricity related question and design and conduct an experiment to answer their question. At the exposition, they presented their project and created an interactive piece.

Christopher Teaches

Christopher taught some of the many ninjitsu forms. He also taught us how to roll. Iris and Jarod were his assistants.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Rick Davis World Traveler

Hi Team,
On Wednesday, March 6th, we had a Skype session with Rick Davis, a biologist and teacher.  Rick is from Kansas, his home is in Hawaii, he is currently teaching in Beirut, Lebanon, and talked to us about his time in Bangladesh.

Here are some cool links and websites about some of the things he shared with us.


General about Bangladesh

Some amazing photos from a very famous Bangladeshi photographer 

The flag of Bangladesh (meaning)

Bengali / Bangla   (LANGUAGE)

Dhaka Biryani Recipe  ---mmmmm mmmmmm good !!!

Dhaka “City of Rickshaws”

Money of Bangladesh



Money of Lebanon

MY FAVORITE FOOD from American Samoa (South Pacific)