Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Letter from Switzerland

Alexander received another letter.  This time it was from Sonja in Switzerland. She drew a lovely picture of what Switzerland looks like and asked us to draw pictures in return. I hope we get lots to send her.

Iris Day!

Thanks for bringing in those yummy treats!

Scientific Process Project

We did a cool activity with water and learning about the scientific process. We had to ask questions, hypothesize, predict, experiment, analyze and revise.

Each group was charged with the task of transporting as much water as possible from a mason jar to a coke bottle in 3 minutes without moving the jar or the coke bottle. Only one person could move the water, and they were blindfolded. The teams had tin foil, straws,tape, cling wrap and paper towel to work with.

After each trial, the teams were able to revise and improve upon their technique. In the end we averaged the times and discussed the best techniques.  It was wet, wild and crazy!

Musical Iris

Iris played us a song on her new Ukulele.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015