Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weekly Post 4/28/17

This week 
n Team Spencer we have been doing a lot.
 On Monday
 we had a visitor from the University Musical Society that did a post-show workshop with us on how music can communicate the idea of who a person is. We were able to describe a person just based on what the music that was written about them sounded like. It was very fascinating.

Noelle taught us this week about the Muir Woods National Park and about all of the flora and fauna found within the park. We went on a pinecone scavenger hunt to get questions to answer about Muir Woods. Sean also taught us about graphic novels this week
 and helped us build our own graphic novels. Our se
ond round teaching is off to a great start.

After spending months playing the online game Building Detroit, we had the chance to go to the Detroit Historical Museum and see how Detroit was actually built. It was a great experience.

In math we are continuing to work on our math board games. There are games that highlight time, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and measurement. They look like they will be very fun games to play.

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