Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weekly Post 5/4/17

May the Fourth Be With You!!!  (And Altho With You)

This week on team Spencer was very short.

Zoey taught us how to draw pirates on Monday. We had a chance to draw a pirate and make little changes to personalize them. It was a fun time. On Wednesday we saw the last production of Spencer's Forum theater elective. We also learned about some cool Library information from an Ann Arbor Public Library librarian. Spenser also taught us this week how to make origami hearts. Just in time for Mother's Day. Everyone was successful in creating their hearts.

On Friday we had a surprise field trip for Spencer's Celebration Day. Although her birthday is in June when we don't have school, she likes to celebrate with the class. Everyone in our class gets their very own celebration day whether their birthday is during school or not. But, nobody knew a field trip was coming!

The Forum Theatre Elective had it's last performance on Wednesday.  It was super cool to dissect possible reasons why people may display unexpected behavior.  

In math we finished up our math board games. Next week we will learn how to play all of them.

Just a neat picture of 3 Team Spencerites


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